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Medical Collection Inselspital Bern: Analogue Exhibits of the New Digital Museum

The medical collection comprises more than 10,000 exhibits, mainly from the period since 1900, representing activities, treatments, inventions, and objects from everyday hospital life. A small exhibition in our Atrium 3 currently provides insights into this diverse collection.

New EU Research Project “Screen4Care”: Accelerating Diagnosis for Rare Disease Patients Through Genetic Newborn Screening and Artificial Intelligence

An international public-private consortium of 35 partners, including sitem-insel and the University of Bern, announced the launch of Screen4Care – a research project that aims to significantly shorten the time required for rare disease diagnosis and efficient intervention.

Fostering the future of early career scientist for smarter healthcare in Switzerland

Together, sitem-insel and the BFH are facilitating the 2021 main event of the pioneering training program for early career scientists engaged in the Swiss National Fund NRP 74 “Smarter Health Care” projects, called the Emerging Health Care Leaders (EHCL).

Fragmented Moon - Demian Conrad

sitem-insel presents Demian Conrad's Fragmented Moon, a site-specific art installation, which will be open to the public from October 4th -25th, 2021.


International Conference for Technology and Analysis of Seizures

The ICTALS conference (International Conference on Technology and Analysis of Seizures) gathers scientists and clinicians around one common goal: use quantitative methods to analyze seizures and better understand and treat the disorder.


 Translational Imaging Center

Title: Metabolic brain imaging at 7T MRI


HGF Gmbh

Title: The journey from laboratory to commercial product, licensing and IP considerations  

learn@lunch - E-Sports and what we can learn from its community

Cédric Schlosser, Co-Founder und CEO MYI Entertainment

Cedric will address innovation coming from the gaming world: Which of today's global trends were foreseeable a long time ago? How does the entertainment industry shape other industries? What new business models are on the horizon and what opportunities can they represent for the medtech and pharma industry?

14th SwAPP ExEx Symposium

Bringing out innovations: new kids on the block

art@sitem-insel: meet Till Könneker

art@sitem-insel: meet Till Könneker

Artist Till Könneker talking about his exhibition "Close Encounters" in the sitem-insel Atrium.