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Meet the artist!

Meet the artist behind sitem-insel's current exhibition!

Raus aus dem Spital - hin zum Patienten! / TeleBielingue

"Prof. Schindler, you are a specialist who can talk to everybody!" A statement by Isabelle Noth from TeleBielingue, and we couldn't agree more.

art@sitem: Peter Baracchi - ORNAMENTAL WHITEOUT

A transdisciplinary art project in collaboration with the translational research center “sitem-insel” and Gallery SOON in Berne.

BSL-3 laboratory tenanted

We are pleased to announce that we have signed the rental agreements for our BSL-3 laboratories.

art@sitem-insel: meet Till Könneker

art@sitem-insel: meet Till Könneker

Artist Till Könneker talking about his exhibition "Close Encounters" in the sitem-insel Atrium.