Inspiring MedTech startups

Sitem StartUp Club (SSC) and Sitem MedTech Hub (SMH)

In partnership with Berner Kantonalbank AG (BEKB), KPT, Guido Fluri Stiftung, F.G. Pfister Holding AG, and Swisscom, we are launching the new Sitem StartUp Club (SSC) and Sitem MedTech Hub (SMH). Located right next to the Insel-Campus Bern, SSC and SMH will benefit from a purpose-built 1500m2 facility opening autumn 2021.


Since the beginning, we have supported and inspired startups within the framework of the sitem-insel School. In our next phase of expansion, we are looking for tomorrow’s generation of startups in the MedTech sector.


ready for launch

1500 m²

purpose-built facilities


partner investors

"Quite a few startups are already integrated in sitem-insel. To date, the building has been used to capacity practically since the beginning. Now, with the freshly founded Sitem StartUp Club (SSC), we want to expand our efforts. Along with the Sitem MedTech Hub (SMH), this next step is the logical and consistent continuation of startup promotion in the MedTech sector on the Insel-Campus Bern.”

Daniel Buser
President of the Board of Directors and SSC


MedTech startups have complex needs. Affordable space and access to equipment is often top of the list. Followed closely by help in navigating a host of financing, medical, technical, business management, and regulatory issues. That’s why we are committed to building an innovative space for MedTech startups to thrive and network right here in Bern, Switzerland.


SSC is proud to partner with the Berner Kantonalbank AG (BEKB), KPT, Guido Fluri Stiftung, F.G. Pfister Holding AG, and Swisscom as our first investors. All stakeholders in SSC make possible the financing of startups and the operation of SMH. We are actively seeking further investment; with the Bernese Director of Economic Affairs acknowledging our commitment to advancing startups on the Insel-Campus Bern with private funding.

Are you a MedTech startup, interested to join our network?

SSC is managed by Julie Risse, Chief Business Officer and Director of sitem-insel Enabling Facilities. During the coming months all processes and systems will be confirmed for SSC. If you are interested please get in touch today.