sitem-insel AG

Helena Slama

Enabling Facilities, Senior Researcher


Helena Slama is research fellow at sitem-insel, setting up novel translational units and participating in the 1st cohort of the training at sitem-insel School (MAS in Translation and Entrepreneurship in Medicine).

Helena Slama obtained her MD at the University of Bern and specialized in internal medicine. She completed her postgraduate studies by acquiring an EMBA and Medical Manager FH at the Private Business School PWH in Berne.

She has wide experience in clinical medicine, hospital administration and public and private health care planning.

In her previous career she functioned as member of the Hospital Board of Directors and as Chief Medical Officer of two merging public hospitals in the French-speaking area of Switzerland.

Her principle interest lies in the management of problems that learning organizations are facing. For the novel Enabling Facilities this includes the integration of new at-the-edge technologies into the daily therapeutic routine while at the same time meeting with quality, regulatory and economic requirements.