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sitem-insel Promoting Services

The journey for any innovation from bench to bedside is arduous. Our sitem-insel Promoting Services decodes complexity in the regulatory process and supports evidence generation across the translational spectrum.

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Our network of regulatory agencies, located onsite and offsite, provide access to specialist information that supports companies in accelerating their process from invention to commercialization.


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sitem-insel enables me as a scientist to escape the ivory tower. The interconnectedness of individuals from university, private industry, and clinic with backgrounds in medicine, biology, law, economics, and other disciplines is very inspiring and leads to innovative thinking and approaches. I am convinced that we can bring value to patients faster through this unique ecosystem.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Blankart
Director sitem-insel Promoting Services and Professor of Regulatory Affairs at the KPM Center for Public Management, University of Bern

Decomplix simplifies market access for medical devices. Being part of sitem-insel, we serve our customers with compliance services throughout the medical device life cycle. For market readiness, researchers and start-ups have to go through all the development phases; and face regulatory hurdles during the entire journey. Decomplix coaches, provides tools and transfers compliance knowledge to the developers and platforms in sitem-insel. Joining forces in compliance is a classic win-win situation.

Beni Hirt
Customer relations & CEO, Decomplix AG

Accelerated pathway, scientific rigor

For small and medium-sized enterprises in the Swiss medical device industry, companies seeking to expand into the medical device sector, or foreign-based corporations unfamiliar with the Swiss and European regulatory framework – we are your trusted Swiss-based independent advisor.

We adopt a methodologically sound approach to research, innovation and commercialization – benefit from our excellence in:

  • Health economics evidence synthesis and generation
  • Advancement of statistical and mathematical modelling methods
  • Swiss and European regulatory landscape mapping
  • Strategy development for compliance with evidentiary needs and requirements


Innoforum is our networking event series which presents sitem-insel platforms and their innovations. Join the events or watch the webinars to exchange with platforms and stakeholders.

Innoforum #1

sitem-insel Promoting Services by Prof. Rudolf Blankart
HGF GmbH (Intellectual Property Specialists) by Mike Nelson

Innoforum #2

CSL Biologics Research Center by Adrian Zürcher, Alexander Schaub, Cédric Vonarburg, Marius Lötscher and Fabian Käsermann
Decomplix AG by Beni Hirt, CEO



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