Translational research and development at sitem-insel AG

The research team of Prof. Dr. med. Uyen Huynh-Do and Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Rudloff at the University Hospital (Inselspital) Department of Nephrology and the Department for Biomedical Research at the Universität Bern (University of Bern) published a comprehensive study on prenatal causes of kidney disease in adults in "Nature Communications". The team benefited from the beneficial site conditions at sitem-insel where translational research is actively promoted and as well supported through the proximity to the university hospital, the university research facilities at DBMR and the industry partner CSL Behring.
We are very proud to unite such great minds in our building and community and congratulate the team to their publication!

Read the paper here: Fetuin-A is a HIF target that safeguards tissue integrity during hypoxic stress | Nature Communications


More Information and Press Release: Biomedizinische Grundlage der Barker-Hypothese aufgedeckt - Inselspital - Universitätsspital Bern