Safety and protection concept for public events at sitem-insel


Due to the epidemiological development, the Canton of Bern is intensifying measures to protect the population from the corona virus. Since Monday, October 12, 2020, it has been mandatory to wear masks in indoor areas open to the public. 

This protection concept describes how public events can be held at sitem-insel, Freiburgstrasse 3, 3010 Bern. The Fire-Protection User Agreement provides for a maximum occupancy of 300 persons on the first floor and 200 persons per additional floor (OG1-OG4). 

However, under the current circumstances the number of visitors is limited to 15 persons. 


sitem-insel informs the organizer about the protection concept to be implemented when booking a room. The organizer of the event is responsible for compliance with the protection concept. The organizer must name a responsible person to the safety representative (SiBe) of sitem-insel, who is responsible for the compliance with the protection concept. For large events, it may be necessary to use several persons to separate the flow of people (e.g. use of the entrance doors only as entrance or exit). It is the responsibility of the organizer to provide such personnel. 

Measures to ensure compliance with the rules of conduct: 

  • The FOPH's rules of conduct and hygiene apply to all persons participating in events 

  • sitem-insel operates a public building; accordingly, the guidelines on mask duty and contact tracing also apply to the public part of our building 

  • In the entire public area of our building incl. WC, masks are compulsory since Monday 12.10.2020 

  • The guidelines regarding restaurants also apply to our restaurant business. Masks must be worn in the restaurant and may be taken off only during the meal at the table 

  • Disinfectant dispensers are available at the entrances to the sitem-insel 

  • The regular cleaning of surfaces, stair railings and toilet infrastructure on the common floor space is guaranteed by sitem-insel. The cleaning / disinfection of objects in the event rooms that are used by several people are the sole responsibility of the organizer 

  • At sitem-insel each room is sufficiently ventilated via the house ventilation system. A multiple air exchange per hour is guaranteed 

  • The design of the event must be adapted so that the rules of conduct can be followed at all times  

  • Activities with higher transmission risks are avoided if possible, e.g. activities with close interpersonal contacts or large numbers of people such as graduation ceremonies, large aperitifs, etc. 

Measures to protect particularly vulnerable persons and to exclude persons who are ill 

  • Particularly vulnerable persons must be protected and should not be excluded from participating in events 

  • Persons who show possible symptoms or who have had contact with infected persons in the last few days are not allowed to participate in events 

  • All persons, who were demonstrably affected by a COVID-19 disease, are not allowed to participate in an event until two weeks after the disease has been overcome 


The organizer is obligated to keep a presence list/registration for events. This ensures a complete contact tracing. If necessary, persons can be contacted.  

Protection concept for catering 

These measures apply to all catering services such as coffee breaks, aperitifs, lunches, etc. 

  • Masks must be worn when queuing and collecting food and beverage 

  • Employees of the catering company are also obliged to wear masks 

  • Any consumption, including aperitifs, should be done seated so that the prescribed distance can be maintained during the meal/drink. If necessary, this requires the marking of distances and appropriate seating.  

The mask may only be taken off during eating and drinking and the distance must be observed. 


Ordinance on measures to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Cantonal ordinance

Uniform protection concepts of the BAG  

Protection concept of the University of Bern under Covid-19 for further education 

Protection concept of the Insel Gruppe