Opening NeuroTec 14.09.2021

On the 14th September, we celebrated the opening of NeuroTec's unique research facility within sitem-insel AG.
NeuroTec explores the use of modern medical technology to improve the treatment of neurological diseases with the aim of increasingly shifting diagnosis and therapy from the hospital to the patient's home.

The newly opened research unit within sitem-insel pools the clinical knowledge of Inselspital, University Hospital Bern, and the expertise in medical technology of the University of Bern, while further expanding Bern’s leading position in neurology. The facilities at sitem-insel enable an active exchange with researchers in the field.

NeuroTec is run by the Dept. of Neurology of the Insel Gruppe in close collaboration with the ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research of the University of Bern, with project-specific partners from academia, non-profit research institutions and industrial partners in public–private partnerships. 

Read the full press-release here.

Photos: ©Insel Gruppe, Pascal Gugler