Fostering the future of early career scientist for smarter healthcare in Switzerland

What are we doing: Together, sitem-insel and the BFH are facilitating the 2021 main event of the pioneering training programme for early career scientists engaged in Swiss National Fund NRP 74 “Smarter Health Care” projects, called the Emerging Health Care Leaders (EHCL).

Who is involved: Nadine Martin (sitem-insel), Lize Duminy (BFH and sitem), Deane Harder 

Event details: 15 and 16 October in Magglingen (Bern)

Main objective of the event: assist in the transition of young scientists in Health (PhD’s, post-docs and medical doctors) into uncharted career structures both in and outside of academia. The workshop is aimed at creating the initial spark for the next generation of spin-offs, start-up’s and disruptive research ideas.

Networking aim: to catalyse national and international collaboration between health care experts and EHCL participants. The EHCL participants themselves will also form a strong and lasting network of emerging health care leaders.

More description: Our program leverages a unique educational opportunity centered around creativity, empathy and putting the user’s needs as the heart of the problem--an important tool for driving innovation and sustained business growth.

Our long-term outlook: We tailored the program to help develop leadership skills in innovation management and ignite collaborations between young scientists from multiple disciplines. Our vision is to establish a long-term network of health care leaders and thus strengthen Switzerland’s positioning as an innovative country in this area.