art@sitem-insel: Art collection from the Inselspital

A selection of works from the art collection of the Inselspital will be on display at sitem-insel from October 2020. The objects cover the walls on different floors on the south side within the building. 

On display will be abstract paintings of various positions from the past five decades. 

Among them are the expressive, sensitively poetic works of Cesare Lucchini, the missiles from Bruno Wurster's Icarus cycle floating in bright orange and red, or the independent color and form compositions of Sara Gassmann. 

The art collection of the Inselspital began over forty years ago. 

Since 1985, an art fund has been made available from the Inselspital Foundation for the purchase and care of works of art. 

The collection comprises around 4000 works of art in various styles of painting, drawing, prints and sculpture.