“Training for excellence” is our vision at the Clinical Anatomy Training and Research Unit, CATR. We are doing so by hosting events dedicated to surgical training for medical experts, societies, foundations, hospitals, and private companies. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is located at sitem-insel, close to the train station, highway, University and University hospital of Bern.

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Infrastructure & Equipment

  • Modular wetlab of 423 m2 with 9 equipped workplaces which can be divided in 2 individual wetlabs (large wetlab with 6 workplaces of 245 m2 and a small wetlab with 3 workplaces of 116 m2) separated by a seminar room (62 m2, capacity 30 persons). All units can be rented independently.
  • Each wetlab is equipped with an OR1TM-inter-connected masterplace (4K technology) allowing pictures to be sent to the intermediate seminar room and an in-house auditorium
  • Large auditorium can be rented within sitem-insel (116 m2, capacity 60 persons)
  • Each workplace is equipped with lamp & endoscopic camera monitoring, compressed air & CO2
  • X-ray accreditation by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH)
  • Endoscopic instrument sets
  • Space for exhibition
  • Cooling room, freezer

Additional Services

  • Professional support during courses
  • In-house catering
  • Internal sterilization for reusable instruments (according to SGSV-Swissmedic conformity processing) possible
  • Provision of specimen from our partner the Institute of Anatomy of the University of Bern
  • Personal protective clothing
  • X-ray mobile C-arm and microscope can be rented through our partners

Sponsors and Partners

The Team

·         Dr. Julie Risse, Chief Business Officer

·         Andrea Lietz, Head of Operations CATR

·         Gosia Greuter, Project Manager

Advisory Board Members

  • Prof. Dr. med. M. D. Mueller, Chefarzt Gynäkologie und Gynäkologische Onkologie, Inselspital Bern (President of the Board)
  • Prof. Dr. med. L. M. Benneker, Spine Surgeon, Sonnenhofspital, Bern
  • Prof. V. Djonov MD, Chairman of the Topographic and Clinical Anatomy, University of Bern
  • Dr. M. Eberhard, Medizinischer Direktor, Chefarzt Frauenklinik, Spitäler Schaffhausen
  • Prof. A. Feki, Médecin-chef de service, Gynécologie et Obstétrique, HFR Fribourg
  • Caroline Ochs, Director Commercial Learning Solutions, Global Marketing, KARL STORZ


Video Gallery

sitem-insel CATR: Ear Surgery Course SEES & Endoscopic Paranasal Sinus & Skull Base Course

30.08-3.09.2021: 5th Swiss Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course SEES and the 17th Endoscopic Paranasal Sinus & Skull Base Hands on Course PSSB


30.08-3.09.2021: 5th Swiss Endoscopic Ear Surgery Course SEES and the 17th Endoscopic Paranasal Sinus & Skull Base Hands on Course PSSB

Photography: Gianni Pauciello, HNO-Klinik Inselspital Bern


25.-26.06.2021: AO Spine Master Level Specimen Course—Improving Technical and Non-Technical Skills for Complication Prevention in Complex Situations

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