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sitem-insel Enabling Facilities

Our state-of-the-art laboratories and new 20,000 mfacility, with access to the largest university hospital and medical faculty in Switzerland, is why sitem-insel Enabling Facilities is one of the leading translational research platform centers worldwide. 

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Since opening in 2019, our capacity as a platform is now almost 95% full. The cross-disciplinary research at sitem-insel offers a unique opportunity for companies based here to advance translational medicine.


Medical devices


Medicinal and biotech products



The ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research is proud to be part of sitem-insel, leveraging its translational research potential to keep at the forefront of medical technology innovation in Switzerland's capital. We believe in mutual development possibilities of scientists with engineering and medical backgrounds with respective curiosity and understanding of each other's fields to make a difference in healthcare. At sitem-insel, our traditionally close cooperation with the Inselspital, Bern University Hospital, and the Bernese MedTech sector is further consolidated by having both the clinic and industry door to door. Through a common vision, sharing of resources and synergy effects we are able to better address unmet clinical needs and solve patient care challenges with real clinical impact.

Prof. Dr. Raphael Sznitman
Director ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research, University of Bern

For a science-driven biotech company like CSL the dialogue and collaboration with academia is crucial. That is why we are committed to sitem-insel and have established the CSL Behring Biologics Research Center on its premises. The closeness of academic researchers, clinical experts and industry  experts under one roof will facilitate the translation of early research findings into innovative medicines for the benefit of patients.

Dr. Adrian Zuercher
Head of Research Europe and Head of Plasma Protein Research at CSL Behring

As a member of the sitem-insel community, we strongly believe in the approach of translational medicine. We pursue our purpose of identifying and addressing unmet needs of people living with diabetes. The proximity to the university and to our key partner, the Department of Diabetology, Endocrinology, Metabolism and Clinical Nutrition (UDEM) on the Insel campus is ideal. These collaborations help us to translate ideas into (clinically proven) solutions for the real world. Within sitem-insel we expect a lot from the ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations with both the other platforms and the innovative translation programs of the sitem-school. Within sitem-insel a large number of experts are building synergies to improve people's lives.

Lukas Frösch
Managing Director Diabetes Center Bern

AlveoliX is a young team driven by innovation and patients' needs. We are engaged to make organs-on-chip technology the new standard for preclinical decision-making and bring our data from the research bench directly to clinical application. Our organs-on-chip will make drug discovery safer, better and personalized. Many large clinical research organizations offer conventional drug safety and efficacy testing; however, we are not competing with these existing methods. As the first Swiss Organ-on-Chip Company, we offer a new way of animal-free drug testing by applying our patented technology to break new grounds in the field of life science. With our headquarter in sitem-insel, located near the Insel Hospital and the University of Bern, we have the ideal prerequisites to network and cooperate with academia, the clinic and our industrial partners.

Dr. Nina Hobi
CEO & Scientific Director AlveoliX

When working at sitem-insel, I particularly like the pleasant atmosphere and the noticeable feeling of togetherness. I really appreciate the valuable support from the sitem-insel team. Together we always find solutions. At FLAVOUR KITCHEN - the building's living room, so to speak - we not only provide catering for the staff but also for all visitors. Be it a coffee break, a stand-up lunch or an aperitif - we are always there to spoil our guests with culinary delights. My team and I are passionate about hospitality.

Sarah Schranz
Managing Director FLAVOUR KITCHEN

Designed for Discovery

Only the best facilities can develop the best medical and biomedical technologies, combination products, and diagnostics. Close access and collaboration with the chief-medical-physicians based at the University Hospital of Bern allows for more effective translation of your research results into clinical practice and industrial production. The unique design of our facilities encourages interaction and ideas exchange. With so many diverse backgrounds, the opportunity to discuss and inquire only serves to better your decision-making, and discovery potential. 

sitem-insel Community


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