sitem-insel AG

Christian Rosser

Centralized Services, Director


Christian Rosser is director of sitem-insel’s Centralized Services and senior research fellow at the KPM Center for Public Management of the University of Bern. As director of the Centralized Services, he is responsible for all administrative and operational matters at sitem-insel.

Christian Rosser is an expert in Public Administration with wide experience in public management, research and teaching. Prior to his position at sitem-insel he was managing director of the Executive MBA at the University of Zurich as well as lecturer at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP) at the University of Lausanne. He also served as substitute of a W3-professorship in “Comparative Policy Analysis and Administration” and was fellow at the center of excellence “Cultural Foundations of Integration”, both at the University of Konstanz. His scientific interest at sitem-insel lies in the management of public private partnerships.

Before entering the academic world, he started his educational pathway with an apprenticeship in construction and holds the Swiss Certificate of Competence as Electrician. He lives with his wife and two sons in Berne, Switzerland.