Connecting people: the power of our interdisciplinary network

About us

sitem-insel is the Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine based in Switzerland at the Inselspital Bern. As the hub for translational research in the Swiss canton of Bern, we are teamed up with leading private companies, the University of Bern, the University Hospital of Bern (Inselspital), and a number of high-potential start-ups. Our facilities provide them, and you, with a unique space that thrives in an open innovation culture – what we call, ‘the sitem+spirit.


Our Mission

Our mission is to establish, operate and develop a National Center of Excellence for Translational Medicine that professionalizes translation research for the benefit of patients, society and science.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading Swiss-based nucleus of cross-sector, interdisciplinary cooperation. We believe in an entrepreneurial team approach. Finding a solution that speeds up the leap from innovation to clinically approved human treatment. At sitem-insel, we are the catalyst that drives your discoveries forward.

Our Team: United for the Patient

As a non-profit oriented public-private partnership, sitem-insel, seeks to help you advance high-quality research into patient-benefiting treatments in the most effective way possible. Research at sitem-insel is proposed by you and valued on the merits of its quality, promise and uniqueness. We do not initiate our own in-house research.

Our role is to unite private companies, hospitals, basic research institutions, and start-up companies for the benefit of the patient. At all times, we remain influence-free and independent partners in support of your projects.

Clinic and industry, research and education: together, we are sitem-insel.

Our Team

Simon A. Rothen
Christian Rosser
Director Centralized Services
Rudolf Blankart
Director Promoting Services
Jürgen Burger
Director School
Julie Risse
Chief Business Officer and Director Enabling Facilities
Simon A. Rothen
Stefanie Hofer
Head of Communication & Marketing
Angela Tschumi
Communication & Marketing Assistant
Rudolf Blankart
Director Promoting Services
Nadine C. Martin
Head of Innovation Management
Kosta Shatrov
PhD Candidate
Sarah Morgenegg
Assistant Promoting Services
Joël Hüsler
Assistant Promoting Services
Rowan Iskandar
Head of Center of Excellence in Decision-Analytic Modeling and Health Economics Research
Vishahan Sutharam
Assistant Promoting Services
Jennifer Fischer
Administration & Communication
Kate Gerber
Postdoctoral Researcher
Jürgen Burger
Director School
Pascale Anderle Pedone
Adrian Zurbuchen
Head of Research
Ivan Santos
Program Coordinator
Helena Slama
Director CATR
Andrea Lietz
Head Of Operations CATR
Julie Risse
Chief Business Officer and Director Enabling Facilities
Christian Rosser
Director Centralized Services
Carla Christopher
Front Office and HR Assistant
Anita Newby
Head Of Finance and HR
Patrizia König
Front Office and Finance Assistant
Sabrina Ilgenstein
Key Account Manager
Kimmo Koskelainen
Safety Officer and Technical Operations Manager
Sibylle Santos
Executive Assistant / Back Office and Events
Daniel Buser
President sitem-insel AG
Uwe E. Jocham
Vice-President sitem-insel AG
Markus Brönnimann
Fiona Christine Burkhard
Michèle Etienne Aeberhard
Simon Michel
Klaus-Arno Siebenrock
André Nietlisbach
Regula Egli
Cornelia Gehrig
Niklaus Krähenbühl

“By joining forces, and pioneering new discoveries, our ability to translate tomorrow’s discoveries into today’s hope gets one step closer.”

Simon Rothen, CEO